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Netflix: would you be happy to pay more for the streaming service?

Sat, 24 Feb 2018


Shows such as Stranger Things and Altered Carbon have got us talking – some might argue subscribing is relatively cheap

Usually this column rails against rip-offs, overcharging and general shystering by business. Dare we suggest there’s a global American tech brand that is, well, undercharging us?

The staple office banter in the morning used to be what was on BBC or ITV last night. Now it’s what’s on Netflix. “You’ve got to watch Grandma. It’s a really funny, sparky, indie comedy,” a colleague told me on Monday morning. “I’m watching Altered Carbon at the moment. I know it’s a bit Blade Runner, but it’s really good,” chipped in another. “I got halfway through The Cloverfield Paradox last night. Didn’t really get it,” said another. It has become the thing to name a great show on Netflix other colleagues may have missed (my tip: you’ve got to watch Rita).

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