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British gangster classic Sexy Beast to be adapted for TV series

Fri, 17 Aug 2018


Ray Winstone’s retired mobster Gal Dove and Ben Kingsley’s unhinged enforcer Don Logan are being brought back to life by one of The Sopranos writing team

Sexy Beast, Jonathan Glazer’s stylish and bellicose 2000 gangster film, is being adapted for a prequel TV series by one of the writers of The Sopranos.

Deadline reports that Michael Caleo, who was part of David Chase’s writing team on the HBO series, will create the show. It will tell the origin stories of the unhinged duo Don Logan and Teddy Bass and the retired, reluctant gangster Gal Dove. Thes role were played by Ben Kingsley, Ian McShane and Ray Winstone respectively in the original movie.

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